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‘Twas the Night Before Thanksgiving

Posted by Andycaster
On November 26th, 2008 at 22:11

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Happy Thanksgiving to all …and to all a great day!


AndyCast_057 – ScottyJ

Posted by Andycaster
On November 1st, 2008 at 21:11

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Outline: Andycast_057
– Intro
   – Greeting
     Well hello and welcome to Andycast #57. Thank you so much for
     lending me your ears for the very short while we have together.

     I will do my best to keep you entertained and awake for the next
     20 min

     But first this important public service announcement
   – Warning
   – Opening Theme

– Uninformed Biography
   – UB Intro – Cj and Dan LLAPMightyMommy and Game Zone Radio
   – Ub-scottyj
– Poll Time
   – Poll time bumper
   – Results

AndyCast Poll of the Week

Best Video Game EVAR

  • Lemmings1: 24% (4)
  • Mario Kart Wii1: 18% (3)
  • Solitare – Windows1: 18% (3)
  • Pong: 18% (3)
  • Joust1: 12% (2)
  • Stud 11: 6% (1)
  • PonyTailz 2: Sc√ľnci Adventure1: 6% (1)
  • Video Lacrosse: 0% (0)

Total Votes : 17

   – Next poll
     What is your best sure fire way to get rid of telemarketers?

– Closing
   – Thank yous
     A very big merci toSylvain Grand-Maison for his kind words
     about his UB from show 56

     All the poll people

     Thanks to Cj and Dan from LLAP for intro.

     Thank you to Scotty J. For all the great IM’s and laughs over
     the years

     And mostly thanks to you for staying subscribed and listening
     each and everytime.  you are all too anonymous to mention by
     name but I know you’re out there.

    Thank you to Nanette from For Whatever Reason for the Voicemail and Birthday wish!

   – Contact the Show
     You can contact the show via
      email : to send your uninformed bio openings
     like Cj did.

     New voicemail line!!!!

     Voicemail : 301-547-6912

     Online :
     Twitter, pownce, jaiku, Utterli   : andycaster

     Re: podcampedu 2