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Gift from the Squeezebox

Posted by Andycaster
On October 31st, 2006 at 11:10

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Amazing Shane from Shane and Tom’s Squeezebox podcast sent me this amazing birthday cartoon!

Thanks to Shane from the Squeezebox podcast

Yet another Birthday

Posted by Andycaster
On October 31st, 2006 at 07:10

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Hello PonyTail Gang.

Today markes a very special day in the calendar year for the loyal AndyCast Ponytail Gang.

It was 8 years ago today that a really bad haircut in Bloomington, IN precipitated the growth of my hair that would, over time, evolve into the entity known as “the ponytail”.

Today is also the day that I celebrate my 43rd birthday.

Please feel free to wish me and the ponytail a happy birthday.

The only gift we would like from anyone, Please tell a friend about the AndyCast podcast.

Thank you for a great year of laughter and friendship.

And here’s to many, many more!

Thank you All.

AndyCast_038 – DinkyCast

Posted by Andycaster
On October 25th, 2006 at 22:10

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Well…here we go…going full speed ahead.

Below is a mostly complete transcription of this week’s show.


Let’s put the Buick in drive and hammer down the accelerator and get AndyCast_038 on the road.
Hello and welcome once again to the andycast podcast, I’m your host Vincent Van Gogh.

We have a solid and highly amusing surprise Uninformed Biography for you. It’s so surprising that I didn’t know up until just now which one was going to play….just want to keep it fresh and exciting for you and for me. So as the King of Cartoons on Pee Wee’s playhouse used to say…Pee Wee stop touching me there…ooops…wrong clip…Let the Cartoon …begin!

Uninformed Biography – DinkyCast

Poll Du Week

#17 Who’s your hero?

  • Your Pony Tail1: 45% (5)
  • Andy1: 27% (3)
  • Pierre E. Trudeau: 9% (1)
  • Geddy Lee1: 9% (1)
  • Bullwinkle Moose1: 9% (1)
  • George Bush: 0% (0)

Total Votes : 11

Next Weeks poll courtesy of Charles Cadenhead from Mostly News and the friggin’ Desparate Husband‘s podcast.

What should our next poll be?


Well that’s all I got for you this show, thank you so much for listening and subscribing in a podcatcher of your choice.

I want to thanks Karen from Dry Shave our new fact checker here on the AndyCast for reminding me that Burton Cummings was not the drummer for BTO…I was thinking of goaltender Martin Brodeur. In any event, thank you Karen.

I also want to say thank you in advance to the Dinkycasters for their openmindedness and goodwill regarding their Uninformed Biography. See what happens when you have kind words and comments about the AndyCast? Won’t you people ever learn?

Thank you to Charles from Mostly News for this weeks poll suggestion.

Thank you to Bruce Murray over at the Zedcast for this weeks Uninformed Biography bumper.

I highly encourage you to checkout the AndyCast Deuce. This will be a place for us to experiment with ideas in a non-production kind of way…almost like a test bed for the podcast. You can check it out at

As always, you can drop an e-mail in the e-mail box Also, please take a read of my own personal blog, All kinds of things and nonsense going on there.

Thanks again for listening and please stay subscribed and please come by the website and see the poll of the week. So until next time, bye!

AndyCast_038…will be delayed a week!

Posted by Andycaster
On October 16th, 2006 at 16:10

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Hey Folks,

I already know that I won’t be able to get a show out this weekend.

Please tune in Halloween week for the 2nd annual AndyCast Halloween Bizzaro-cast!

thank you for your patience.

You may now return to…well..whatever it is you were doing.

Say..if you have nothing better to do, check out a couple other sites of mine that you may enjoy.

<a xhref=>My personal Blog site</a> A mix of news, notes, rants, raves, tipe etc that have actually made the journey from my mind to my hands and then to you.

<a xhref=>the AndyCast Deuce</a> What started as a place to talk about the andycast is now turning into a playground to try out new material and new technologies with the same love and chewy nuggat you’ve come to enjoy from the AndyCast.


AndyCast_037 – Dan Klass

Posted by Andycaster
On October 11th, 2006 at 22:10

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Bonjour mes ami… Ici Radio Canada… 😉

Actually it’s Andycast_037 off and running…woo hoo…

I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed producing it!

URLs and show notes to follow shortly!

AndyCast_036 – AndyCast Andy from Rusty Bender

Posted by Andycaster
On October 4th, 2006 at 22:10

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Hello Everyone!

The latest and greatest AndyCast is out and about….

Here are the show notes!

It’s Still all about me
Rusty Bender Rocks
Air Date

01 ~~~ Introduction :
02 ~~~ Opening Monologue :
03 ~~~ Uninformed Biography Bumper : Courtesy of Rusty Bender :
04 ~~~ Uninformed Biography :
06 ~~~ TCB :
07 ~~~ Closing :

Thank you’s to

The amazing Rusty Bender for the script for this weeks U B. I was so young that I don’t even recall all those things even happening…

AndyCast super fan Karen for last weeks biography….Ginger was a complete success…and possibly more popular than Pete Moss…I hope his agent doesn’t hear about this…

Insane Andycast fan Jen from the Dinkycast for her consistant kind word and obvious lack of taste…check out the comments for the last few shows…

Steve from the Monkey Man show….a Windows to Mac switcher who has promised an Uninformed Biography contribution…

Corey and Jen from the Bucket podcast for giving me a plug on the Bucket show…this is a different Jen..than dinkycast jen…what is it about this show that brings in the jens…

Bruce murray for sharing his accomodations with me at the PME, you know…he is the nicest guy in podcasting….you did know that…

Lastly to all the folks I met at the PME this year. I will thank you as time goes on as basically I remember who you are, your show and what the hell we were doing when we met!

If you have an Unif. Bio you’d like to contribute to the show, or anything else please feel free to send an MP3 or a script to

Please check out my personal blog at …you never know what you may find there….personal insights, tech tips, finger tips, felt tips, asparagus tips…anything is possible!

Thank you very much for listening and it’s been my pleasure to provide you with hopefully a little something to make you smile.

See you next time!